Hard floor cleaning made easy with SWIPES
Tackle messes without the hassle of a broom and the waste of disposable pads. When you're done cleaning with SWIPES™, just toss them in the wash to use them again. Quick, simple and easy to use--now that's cleaning with SWIPES™.

Spray+Mop with SWIPES™


The Dirt Devil® Spray+Mop with SWIPES™ powers through cleaning so you can let your hard floors shine. SWIPES™ Microfiber Scrubbing Pads with WetLock technology® capture what disposable pads can push around and leave behind.

Dust+Go™ with SWIPES™


Cover hard floors and baseboards with the Dust+Go™ power of SWIPES™. Swivel and glide across hard floors while DirtLock™ Technology picks up what brooms leave behind.

Vac+Dust Corded Stick Vac with Swipes™


Plug-in and power up The Dirt Devil® Vac+Dust with SWIPES™ for those clean-ups you planned and the one's you didn't see coming. It's tough on dirt, easy on you— great for any hard floor surface including tile, wood, laminate and more.

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